The art of music: symphony No. 614

Juniors Eli Abel and Siddarth Sivaraman play the viola during orchestra. (Photo by Chelsea Wasserstrom)

From performing melodies in Spain to marching at football games, the high school’s music program provides a great opportunity for students to showcase and improve their talents.

Freshman Ashton Pliskin said he joined the band program in fifth grade. It was an option given to all fifth graders that seemed enticing, he said.

As a high schooler, Pliskin said he is in the Marching Band in addition to playing in the Symphonic Band. He plays the French horn in Symphonic Band, but through the Marching Band he has also learned how to play the mellophone, he added.

Pliskin said that although band takes some time out of his day, he doesn’t find balancing school and band difficult.

“During the time that I might spend doing a little bit more homework, I might be practicing for a performance or football game,” Pliskin said.

Junior Eli Abel explained that he feels music provides a nice break in the school day. Abel said that he participates in Symphonial Orchestra and Vocal Ensemble, which take up two periods of the school day. He followed in his olders brothers’ footsteps symphony orchestra and vocal ensemble

“I feel like music, for me at least, is less stressful and you don’t have to think that much about it,” Abel explained. “It’s using a different part of your brain, so it’s a nice break from other classes that are more intensive.”

Senior Isaac Bernstein explained that being involved in school-sanctioned music can be life-changing. He said that he plays the baritone saxophone in the Jazz Band in addition to being in Vocal Ensemble.

“I love the effect Bexley music has had on my life,” he said. “I took the trip of a lifetime to Spain and Portugal with the Vocal Ensemble, and the Jazz Band has allowed me to grow connections with people I thought I never would connect with.”

Pliskin said that many people participate in band camps over summer break to continue playing their instrument while school is not in session. He said that he participated in a band program at Capital University this past summer and sees himself pursuing music in the future.

“I keep going because it’s a good way to enhance myself,” he said. “For college, playing a musical instrument is really helpful for scholarships.”

Similarly, Abel explained that he continues to pursue music because it’s fulfilling to see the outcome of hard work and dedication at a concert or performance.

“It’s rewarding to see yourself improve and to actually create something meaningful,” Abel added.

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Jonah Young
Jonah Young is a Junior at Bexley High School and a staff reporter for the Torch student newspaper. In his free time, Jonah plays tennis and participates in school clubs.