Fans of the Game: Ryan Bernstein

Senior Ryan Bernstein recreates the outfit he wore for the “blueout” theme game Aug. 27. (Photo by Zoe Wright)

The cheers of the Bexley student section on a Friday night can be heard from blocks away. Every home football game, students fill up the student section stands and watch the game. With each week having its own theme, students dress up accordingly. Every home football game, two students are awarded the biggest fans of the game.

Senior Ryan Bernstein won Fan of the Game for the football game Friday, Aug. 27 against Mifflin High School. It is a tradition for the first home football game to have a blue out theme, Bernstein said, adding that he went all in.

“I won Fan of the Game for my speech at halftime and for wearing a full blue outfit with sunglasses,” he explained.

During halftime, he said he gave a speech to the student section, saying they needed to have more energy because the Lions were in the lead.

“I said we were winning by a lot, and I wasn’t getting the energy back like I should be,” Bernstein said.

He explained that after his speech, the crowd responded well and got louder as the team scored more.

Because the team was winning by so much, Bernstein said it made the crowd more energized and created a positive outlook for the rest of the season.

He said that at the end of the game, the students rushed the field because of the victory. Despite being reprimanded, Bernstein explained that it was still an enjoyable experience.